Introduction of Design Creativity

Design creativity research is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that explores the processes methods, and outcomes of creative design thinking.

Creative Ideation Techniques:

Investigating methods and tools that enhance ideation and brainstorming processes, facilitating the generation of creative design concepts.

Design Thinking and Innovation:

Exploring the principles and practices of design thinking and how they contribute to fostering innovation in both products and services.

Cognitive Processes in Design Creativity:

Analyzing the cognitive mechanisms and mental processes involved in creative design, including problem framing, analogical thinking, and insight generation.

Human-Centered Design:

Focusing on designing products, systems, and experiences with a strong emphasis on meeting the needs and preferences of end-users.Emphasizing empathy and user feedback.

Computational Creativity in Design:

Examining the role of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational tools in augmenting human creativity within the design process, including generative design algorithms.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration:

Investigating how collaboration between individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds can lead to innovative and creative design solutions, fostering interdisciplinary teamwork.

Design Education and Pedagogy:

Assessing approaches to teaching and nurturing design creativity within educational settings, including the integration of creative thinking into curricula.

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Design Creativity

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