In the procedure, cameras were placed inside the 3D-printed abdomen. The Lazarus officials explained that copies with realistic blood were produced for experts even though this copy did not have any, as per CNBC.

Importance of rehearsing

The early studies indicate that performing rehearsals such as surgery can provide clinical benefits, according to Dr. Jacques Zaneveld, the founder and the CEO of Lazarus 3D, Inc.

“In every human endeavor, an ability to rehearse and practice and do so specifically for that individual event has major payoffs. So if we take the best violin player in the world and give them a highly-complicated piece of music, they’re more likely to make a mistake if they’re sight-reading it than if they have had an opportunity to rehearse,” he explains.

“The crux of the problem is that surgeons, unfortunately, don’t have a way to learn outside,” co-founder and the president of Lazarus 3D Smriti Zaneveld says.

A secret recipe

Tom Scott is very healthy but he had to have some condition to get it. In this case, it was a bowel cyst. Robotic arms started to do surgery, operated by surgeon Lyron Long. Every movement Lyron Long did was copied at a tiny scale by the robot.


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YouTuber’s 3D-printed copied bowels had a realistic surgery

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