VoxelSensors announces Switching Pixels 3D perception solutionProvided by VoxelSensors.

VoxelSensors, a Belgium-based creator of active event sensor technologies used in augmented and mixed reality, has announced its launch of Switching Pixels, a line of high-efficiency 3D perception systems, according to a press release.

The technology has specific applications with virtual reality glasses, which historically have had problems with latency, power supply and data fidelity; the Switching Pixels system aims to introduce next-gen energy and data efficiency to the technology, bringing mixed reality use cases one step closer to the mainstream.

The system boasts a reported 100Mhz update rate for sequential 3D construction and visual odometry (estimated 3D position in space) at under 2 milliseconds, which VoxelSensors claims is an industry first, along with useful 3D data point generation starting at 1/10th of a millisecond.

With a focus on energy use, the system power budget is below 25mW, which VoxelSensors estimates to be over 90% energy savings over current industry-standard LiDAR scanners, along with an over 90% reduction in latency.

“As VoxelSensors CEO, I wanted to build technology that could revolutionize 3D perception while delivering a positive societal impact,” Johannes Peeters, CEO and co-founder of VoxelSensors, said in the release. “XR/AR/MR/VR and related applications allow the world to blend the physical and digital worlds. Such applications will elevate human communication to the next level and enable experiences that are today out of reach for many of us. Blending the physical and virtual worlds will create astonishing experiences to consumers and productivity gains in the enterprise world.”


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VoxelSensors announces Switching Pixels 3D perception solutionDigital Signage Today

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