A creative fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet assembles an impressive recreation of the intimidating Armor Pokemon Donphan using their 3D printer.

One fan of Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has crafted a unique homage to the games’ many catchable creatures, creating a detailed recreation of the Armor Pokemon Donphan using their 3D printer. As fans of the hit titles prepare for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Cinderace Tera Raid next month, checking out this impressive creation is a great way to get pumped for the upcoming event.

Released earlier this year by developer Game Freak, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest entries in the long-running Pokemon series of games. Featuring all-new protagonists, new Pokemon to catch, and the series’ first truly open-world setting in the previously unexplored region of Paldea, the pair of titles were eagerly anticipated by franchise fans following the success of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Despite setting new sales records for Nintendo, poor performance and numerous ongoing technical issues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have led to the games receiving a mixed reception from many gamers. While the recent 1.1.0 update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet promised to improve performance, players remain divided about whether the patch actually made a meaningful difference.


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In a new post on the r/Pokemon subreddit, a user named senorlazlo shared pictures of the impressive Donphan figure they created using their 3D printer. Depicted curled up in its ball form, the detailed Donphan features articulated armor that can be lifted to show off the Armor Pokemon’s fierce tusks and glowing red eyes. Known for their ability to travel at high speeds when in ball form, a hilarious recent clip showed an irate Donphan running over a Gyrados while one player was exploring Paldea.

Pokemon fans responding to the post loved the unique 3D-printed creation, with some users asking how much it would be to purchase their very own Donphan. Noting in the replies that they created the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet homage as a gift for a friend, senorlazlo states that it required nearly half a spool of black and red filaments in order to complete the print. Following requests from several commenters to make the files available for others to print, senorlazlo responded that they hope to have the files uploaded sometime next year so that other Pokemon fans can create their own Donphan.

While the numerous technical issues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue to frustrate some players, the steady stream of player-created homages to the series’ unique creatures show that the Pokemon themselves are as popular as ever. This charming, homemade Donphan seems like the perfect addition to any Pokemon fan’s collection, and is a decidedly more practical and humane way to pay tribute to the beloved series than dyeing a dog to look like Pikachu.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive 3D-Printed Donphan

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