Universal Scene Description, or USD, is among the innovations that are rising to the top of standards debates as CES 2023 approaches and there is a lot of talk about the metaverse.

There are numerous ways to define the metaverse, but many think of it as a 3D version of the internet—a network or universe of virtual places that stand in for the coming of the internet.

For platforms, developers, and users to be able to reuse their 3D assets and transport them across digital environments that may be as numerous as websites, the metaverse should ideally be open and interoperable, not owned by any one entity.

Despite the fact that video game developers like Roblox, Microsoft (Minecraft), and Epic Games (Fortnite) have produced the most metaverse-like experiences to yet, it is expected that every industry will make investments in the metaverse, just as every business did with the Web.

Businesses are becoming more interested in constructing digital twins so that firms like BMW can design factories in a virtual environment before building them in reality, thanks to businesses like Nvidia. As the businesses run the actual factories, they can gather sensor data to create the digital twin, which will enhance the actual plants. The metaverse makes a variety of these applications conceivable, which is why it’s crucial to reuse assets and establish metaverse standards.

It’s most likely one of the major developments in computer graphics history. Because if we can achieve this level of consistency, it effectively unlocks the possibilities for advancement, according to Rev Lebaredian, vice chairman of Nvidia’s Omniverse and simulation engine, in a GameBeat interview. The creation of 3D tools, 3D datasets, and 3D experiences takes a lot of time and effort in the modern era, much of which is superfluous. We are not building from the same foundation up. Everyone has to start over each time.


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How USD can be Used as the Metaverse’s Open 3D Benchmark

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