Ferrari and Comau launched a new learning center this week called the e.DO Learning Center that will use Comau’s robots to help students explore STEM subjects, coding and Robotics

The e.DO Learning Center is an educational environment where eight to 19-year-olds are given the tools and materials to explore Robotics, while also learning soft skills and work culture. The facility is equipped with five of Comau’s e.DO 6-axis robots, complete with all necessary materials and accessories. Students can access the experience at the Istituto Istruzione Superiore (IIS) “Fermo Corni” of Modena, Italy, an institute of higher education and a secondary school.  

“This important initiative, which has been carried out with such a prestigious Company as Ferrari, is proof of Comau’s dedication to creating social value for the local territory and designing advanced Robotics solutions for new sectors,” Pietro Gorlier, Comau’s CEO, said. “The e.DO Learning Center is the ideal tool to engage and stimulate new generations to develop innovative skills, both technical and personal, which are increasingly necessary within today’s study paths and the ever-changing world of work. Commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies is one of the foundations of this educational project, and a fundamental part of Comau’s DNA.”

Comau and Ferrari hope that the learning center can create an exciting and interactive environment where young people can gain an education focused on the latest innovative technologies. The center is also designed to inspire a culture of technology in schools throughout the Province of Modena and help students develop skills that can aid them in the workforce. 

The learning center also provides a full set of teaching materials with training packages that center around different concepts of teamwork. At the center, students will be divided into groups and tasked with solving challenging programming scenarios on their e.DO robot. 

“The e.DO Learning Center is a key part of giving students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning from a 6-axis robot with the help of an expert trainer, and in doing so, allow them to build a solid foundation in STEM and entry-level Robotics,” Enzio Fregnan, the Comau Academy and Business Education Director, said. “It reflects Comau Academy’s commitment to anticipating future training needs and developing innovative and stimulating educational projects for the future generation of young talents.”

Comau recently introduced a new training program in collaboration with Seabery. The program, designed for students and workers, allows users to practice skills that will help them become proficient and certified robotic welders. 

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Ferrari, Comau launch robotics learning center

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